About Us: The Founders of Two Too Busy

Who We Are

Two vivacious city girls in our 20s from Texas and Toronto who share the same type of schedules (read: busy, packed, hectic), the same last name, and the same affinity for good food, witty banter, punny jokes, and contagious later. 

How We Met

Our 'how we met' story is one to give Parent Trap a run for its money - over twenty five years ago, our dads met in college and quickly became close friends, bonding over a shared affinity for comfort food (beef brisket noodles), a strong work ethic, and a geeky love for all things computer/technology-related. As time passed, and as Steph's dad moved from Toronto to Texas, the two boys lost touch, but never forgot each other. Years later, after multiple failed attempts to track each other down, they crossed paths by a stroke of serendipity, and Grace's dad quickly hopped on a plane from Toronto to Texas for a long awaited reunion with his long lost friend. After days of catching up on the past twenty-so years of their lives, the two realized that their daughters had an uncanny amount of things in common, and suggested a meet-up. It was a soul sister connection from the start. Through late-night Skype dates, we quickly connected over so-lame-they're-funny puns, 90's movie references, our overprotective but loving fathers, our love for comfort food, and our shared aspirations to make a difference in the world. In between Skype sessions and visits to Toronto, Two Too Busy quickly became our labour of love.

Get to Know Us

Grace Tran

Hails from: Toronto
Occupation: Ph.D. Student in Criminology & Sociolegal Studies
Dream Job: Writer
Favourite things from the 90's: Backstreet Boys, Boy Meets World, McDonald's pizza, Mp3 players, A Walk to Remember, old-school R&B
Alma mater: University of Toronto
Pet Peeves: People who are rude to those who can do "nothing" for them. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, patience, and respect.
Motto: Take your work, but not yourself, too seriously.
Never too Busy to...
Read: Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter books, or any romance-suspense or Agatha Christie novel
Burst Into Song Upon Hearing: Ignition by R. Kelly, "My Boo" by Usher, or Low by T-Pain
Eat too much of: Extra Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Tune into: The Bachelor/BachelorettePlay a Round of: Scattegories and Taboo
Crush On: Jim Halpert from 'The Office'/Jon Krasinski, Joseph Gordon Levitt
Watch reruns of: The Office, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Sex & City, and Gilmore GirlsStay up late thinking about: The difficult experiences of undocumented immigrants, access to justice, challenges of refugee resettlement, and what we can do to help.
Never too Busy For...
Friends. Family. Hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Small acts and words of kindness.


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