You chug your morning coffee, wincing from the sear on your tongue, because you're late for a meeting with your boss and some colleagues.

You quickly spray on some dry shampoo because you were too exhausted to shower the other day, and promise yourself you won't do it again. You find yourself reaching for that same bottle of Batiste the next morning.

You've gone grocery shopping for the right ingredients, and are excited to try that honey roasted cauliflower recipe that you found on Buzzfeed. But it's a late night, and you're tired. With a little pang of guilt, you opt for that Popeye's daily special instead (hey, we don't judge - we love Popeye's!)   The cauliflower gets mouldy in the fridge while you promise for the sixth time that week that you will get around to tossing it out.

Your friend's birthday is coming up, but you haven't had the time to buy a meaningful present for her because of a busy week.  A bit embarrassed, you end up cancelling because it seems silly to show up empty-handed, and end up sending her a generic e-gift card to Sephora instead.

Sometimes, it feels like you're running on someone else's clock.  Sometimes, you find yourself making compromises or sacrifices because you're in a time crunch (or multiple time crunches). Sometimes, you find yourself so wrapped up in your own world that it feels like you don't have much time to do anything that you want to do (let alone breathe, right?) That's okay. We've all been there, and we feel the same.

When you're trying to balance feeling good, succeeding in the workplace, looking good (and by that, we mean looking like you didn't just rock'n roll out of bed), and above all, experiencing all that life has to offer, it can seem hectic and nearly impossible on a daily basis. How do you accomplish it all on the clock without going insane? How do you make time for friends, family, and work without compromising one for the other? How do you stop to sniff the roses, when it's always go, go, go time?

Join us in our journey as two vivacious city girls with busy schedules navigating life, love, and success while striving to contribute to our global community.  There are some things in life just worth making the time for. So let's take it one step at a time away from being two too busy. Twogether.

Better together,

Grace & Steph


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